Gait Analysis Information for Referring Providers

We provide comprehensive patient gait analysis reports for orthopedists, neurologists, physiatrists, pediatricians, podiatrists, physical therapists and other specialists.

How to refer a patient

Please complete the following steps to refer a patient for gait analysis:

  1. Include the patient’s most recent clinic note, including surgical history and any treatments under consideration. 
  2. Send the information to the referral center:
    • Fax: (650) 721-2884

After we receive the patient referral form, we will:

  1. Obtain pre-authorization for treatment from the insurance company or California Children’s Services, if needed
  2. Contact the patient to schedule an appointment

Communicating with referring health care providers

Once the patient has gone through an analysis, you will receive a:

  • Paper copy of the patient report, including:
    • Test results
    • Treatment recommendations
  • Please call the Medical Records Department at (650) 497-8079 if you:
    • Have not received your report with clinical recommendations
    • Would like to send the report to another healthcare provider
    • Would like an electronic copy