Social Services Main Office

Social Services Care Team

Administrative Staff

Director Social Work Department
Kim Browne, LCSW, ACM-SW

Social Work Manager - Out-Patient
Heidi Scharrenberg, LCSW

Social Work Manager - In-Patient
Gabe Wong, LCSW

SCAN Program Manager
Betsy A'Neals, LCSW

Administrative Coordinator
Guilli Martin

Solid Organ Transplant
Denise Alloway, LCSW
Bianca Gregori, LCSW
Tamzen Hull, LCSW
Amy Kyi, MSW
Patty Vazquez, MSW
Lindsay Weber, MSW

Hematology, Neuro-Oncology, Oncology, Bone Marrow Transplant and Stem Cell Transplant
Andie Barker, MSW
Young Kim-Parker, MSW
Kerri Lowe, MSW
Shionda Nickerson, MSW
Mike Polisso, MSW
Kenia Rosas, MSW
Katrina Sesline, MSW
Anmol Teer, MSW
Liana Zannis, MSW

Pregnancy and Newborn Services
Rachel Arellano, LCSW
Catherine Deasy, MSW
Ashley Johanson, LCSW
Danielle Matteucci, MSW
Emily Perez, LCSW
Vanessa Scarlata, LCSW
Sarah Spanko, MSW
Candy Taylor-Ceballos, MSW

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)
Meghan Laub, MSW
Renee Meisner-Bogdahn, MSW
Jason Vergara, MSW

Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit (CVICU)
Kim Curtiss, LCSW
Karen Jensen, LCSW

Comprehensive Care Program and Pediatric Unit at El Camino
Lori Durand, ALCSW

Weekend/Late shift
Bianca Tabares, LCSW
Leslie Sobieraj, MSW

Outpatient Clinics
Annie Diep, MSW
Debbie Landi, LCSW
Ana Lopez, MSW
Kavita Nandra, MSW
Robin Newman, MSW
Michileen Oberst, LCSW
Tereasa Priestly, MSW
Christine Tran, MSW
Cynthia Valenzuela, MSW
Tomas Wagmister, MSW

Satellite Locations
Sana Ahmed LCSWPANS Clinic
Nathalie Servin MSW – Adolescent Health Van
Danita Evans-Behnke LCSW – Comprehensive Care Program & Pediatric Unit at El Camino Hospital
Maria Gonzalez MSW – Gardner Packard Children's Health Center
Emily Cassingham, MSW – Specialty Services, Los Gatos
Lori Hernandez, LCSW – Specialty Services, Los Gatos
Sruthi Veeravalli, MSW – Specialty Services, Los Gatos
Colleen Haviland, LCSW – Specialty Services, Sunnyvale
Michelle Ma, LCSW – Specialty Services, Sunnyvale
Amy Valentine, LCSW – Specialty Services, Sunnyvale

Social Work Resource Coordinatos
Oscar Calderon
Liz Figueroa
Iliana Garcia
Jacqueline Joya
Nitzia Mendoza
Celeny Navar
Vanessa Valdez

Relief Social Workers
Veronica Bautista, MSW
Evonne David, LCSW
Janette Heng, MSW
Amee Jaiswal, LCSW
Liz Kelly, MSW
Marianela Lobato, LCSW
Jennifer Pastran, LCSW
Veronica Purcell, LCSW
Arnetta Weems, LCSW

Teresa Fernandez – Housing Coordinator (Housing Program)
Fernando Hurtado – Housing Coordinator (Housing Program)
Dave Gannon – Transportation Coordinator (Careavan for Kids Program)
Kevin Gross – Transportation Coordinator (Careavan for Kids Program)

Contact a Social Worker

Please call our main office at (650) 497-8303 for questions, referrals or help contacting your social worker. Social workers are available at the hospital Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

You may also request a social worker by asking a nurse or member of the medical team to make a referral.