Research and Outcomes

Our team actively participates in meaningful research on connective tissue disorders and related aortic disorders. If you are interested in having your child join an ongoing clinical research study, please let us know. Study topics include advancing surgical techniques and improving neurodevelopment and cognitive outcomes in children with connective tissue disorders.

We are proud of the exceptional outcomes that we provide to our patients. Children with connective tissue disorders are prone to needing heart surgery, and our pediatric heart surgery outcomes are second to none. In 2019, we performed more than 1,100 heart surgeries on-site and at our Bay Area partner hospitals, significantly more than some of our national peer hospitals. For you and your child, this means that our medical team sees a wider range of heart problems and can provide better care than pediatric heart surgeons who perform only a handful of procedures per year. These high volumes of heart surgeries and this broad expertise often mean better outcomes for your child, even if they have highly-complex needs. In addition, we are also a top performer in pediatric heart transplants, and we’re nationally known for our exceptional heart transplant outcomes.