Meet our team of pharmacists, physicians, and patient support teams

Children's Home Pharmacy Care Team

We provide well-rounded care that is overseen by pediatric-trained pharmacists and physicians and includes a comprehensive team of patient care (intake) coordinators, nurses, pharmacists, technicians, equipment technicians, and delivery experts. We skillfully direct the process from the moment a physician writes a prescription to its arrival at your door, providing care management every step of the way.

Our support teams

Intake team

The friendly voices on the phone who answer all calls, take referrals, perform insurance benefit checks, obtain prior authorization, and manage refill requests make up our intake team. You’ll get to know them well. They are here to answer any questions you might have or find an answer as needed.

Nurse coordinators

Our nurses assess your child’s needs and teach you how to manage your child’s care at home, including caring for central lines, using catheters or gastrostomy tubes, preparing formulas and medication, using medication pumps, learning what alarms mean, and ensuring that you understand your child’s medication.

Pharmacy technicians

After receiving precise direction from our pharmacists, our technicians compound sterile medications per the latest sterile compounding regulations. They also perform equipment maintenance and purchase all of our medical supplies.

Delivery team

This team coordinates all of our deliveries, including stocking, packing, and communicating with our courier service. They make sure you receive therapies in good shape and on time—keeping you updated during the process.

Billing team

If you have any questions on billing, reach out to this team. They handle all insurance paperwork, help troubleshoot barriers, and coordinate with our hospital’s patient financial services.