Children's Home Pharmacy Services

We partner with you to provide exemplary, family-centered care that’s leading-edge and highly collaborative. Our goal is for you to feel fully supported in fulfilling your child’s therapy at home.

Care coordination

Because our pharmacy is on-site, we collaborate directly with Stanford physicians, which empowers us to seamlessly fill prescriptions, adjust them quickly, and handle any special needs for your child that arise. This continuity of care means a safer and more effective product for your child.

Our intake coordinators act as liaisons between our medical team and your family, helping you get answers to medical questions in a timely manner. We also coordinate with home health nurses to offer expanded services at home.

By working together, we are able to provide excellent customer service and address barriers to care. With an on-call pharmacist available 24/7 to answer medication questions and our intake coordinators available during business hours to answer all other questions, we’ve got you covered.


We deliver more than 1,100 therapies a month to patient homes in California. Our delivery team prepares each package to meet all necessary requirements for keeping the formulas, medications, and factors fresh and safe, including maintaining cold chain—or ensuring accurate temperature control during preparation and delivery. We contract with a reliable courier service to deliver therapies the same day or overnight. Durable medical equipment is also delivered the same day, with ample teaching provided to patients and caretakers by our nurses before discharge. 

Parental training and transitioning to home

Our goal is to keep your child home, rather than in the hospital. This greatly improves quality of life for patients who are on therapy long term. That’s why we provide hands-on education while your child is still in the hospital, at the bedside. Our nurses help you practice central line dressing care, line maintenance, mixing formulas, and managing gastric and jejunostomy tubes.

They answer all of your questions and have you build your skill set until you have the confidence you need to continue care independently at home. We also offer in-office individual training sessions in multiple languages. We know that care needs change over time, and we offer ongoing teaching through clinical nurse specialists, reteaching concepts as your child’s needs change with age.