Treatment for Hearing Loss

The Children’s Hearing Center provides a full range of treatments for children with hearing loss.

Hearing aids

Most children who are diagnosed with hearing loss are fitted with hearing aids immediately after diagnosis. Periodic evaluations will be performed by a pediatric audiologist to monitor:

  • Auditory function
  • Your child’s progress in developing communication skills
  • The performance of your child’s hearing aids and assistive listening devices

Speech and language therapy

Good hearing is critical for children to learn to talk. Speech and language therapy by a speech and language pathologist or a specialized teacher for the hard of hearing is an important component of a well-rounded treatment plan. If your child has a mild or moderate hearing loss, hearing aids, assistive listening devices, and speech and language therapy may be the only treatment needed.

Language skills

Once the diagnosis of severe hearing loss is made, you may choose to have your child taught in:

  • A spoken language
  • A manual language such as American Sign Language (ASL). Sign language is a way to teach children language to enable communication.
  • A combination of both (total communication)

Cochlear implants

We can evaluate your child for a cochlear implant if:

  • Your child has a severe or profound hearing loss
  • Hearing aids are not effective

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