US News - Stanford Medicine Children's HealthYour child’s immune system is designed to defend against disease. Sometimes, however, genetic disorders, infectious diseases or other conditions can cause it to break down or even start to attack healthy tissue in the central nervous system. This can lead to inflammatory brain disorders.

Inflammatory brain disorders

If your child is affected by inflammatory brain disease, the Pediatric Neuro-Immunology Clinic at Stanford Medicine Children’s Health is standing by to help. Our clinic is made up of world-renowned specialists and researchers who use a patient-centered approach to provide your child and family with the most effective treatment plan available.

Because of the complexity of neuro-immunological conditions, we believe that collaboration is critical in order to provide the most personalized and compassionate care possible. Our team of experts in neurology, immunology, neuro-ophthalmologygenetics and infectious disease have special expertise in diagnosing and treating inflammatory brain disorders with known or suspected genetic causes, such as adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD). We also offer a genetic counselor, a social worker and an infusion center.

Because we are housed in a major research institution, we have resources that many hospitals do not, including access to the most advanced clinical trials. The director of the Pediatric Neuro-Immunology Clinic, Keith Van Haren, MD, is also the director of the Van Haren Lab, which is at the forefront of research in neuro-immunological conditions.