Physical Therapy

Our team of expert pediatric physical therapists is here to help your child return to his or her prior level of function or maximum rehabilitation potential. We offer a wide range of treatments to help children with many different conditions, from children who recently had surgery to kids recovering from sports injuries, to premature infants and babies with developmental delays. Our services are available inside and outside of the hospital.

We work closely with your child and family to create and implement a comprehensive physical therapy treatment plan. This plan will address your child’s unique needs and is created by experienced licensed physical therapists dedicated to your child’s rehabilitation and recovery. Our patients may also benefit from an evaluation in our Motion Analysis & Sports Performance Laboratory.

By performing a comprehensive (physical, emotional and social) assessment and evaluation of your child, our physical therapists can develop a diagnosis that will help to formulate a treatment outcome (prognosis). The physical therapist can then implement a treatment plan, provide consultation and determine if your child needs to be referred to another healthcare professional, as well as make recommendations for you and your child to help self-manage your child’s symptoms at home.

We work in partnership with your child, family and other health professionals to provide you with family-centered care. You are an important member of your child’s health care team, and we look forward to working with you.

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Bouncing back stronger from a brain tumor

After undergoing surgery and chemotherapy to fight a brain tumor, Aditi felt weak and had difficulty using much of her right side. Working with our rehabilitation teams, she and her mom kept fighting, and today she’s healthy and stronger than ever before.