Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy

Injuries happen, and when they do, we help your young athlete return to the field, court, pool or floor stronger and faster than they were before getting injured.

Our orthopedic and sports physical therapy experts are part of a comprehensive team focused on caring for active kids with a wide range of orthopedic conditions and sports injuries. Our team includes doctoral-trained physical therapists with diverse backgrounds in sports, all working together to help your child participate in sports safely.

The physical therapy team works closely with you and your family, and, with your permission, coaches and athletic trainers to develop a treatment plan to help your child safely return to the sports they love. If your child needs surgery, our therapists also serve as a connection between the surgeon and your family. This integrated care model helps develop the best plan for continued athletic development and participation.

A large part of rehab is establishing a program that allows athletes to train within the constraints of their injury. We work with your child to develop a plan for both inside and outside the clinic so they can participate in training as much as the constraints of their injury allow.

We also recognize the shift toward early sports specialization and young athletes’ desires to be the best in their sports at a young age. Each sport demands a specific skill set, and our therapists can work with your child to address any deficits resulting from early specialization and develop a plan for overall and sport-specific athletic development.

Common injuries and conditions such as strains, sprains and general joint pain can often be managed through a combination of load management (finding the right balance between training and rest) and developing a young athlete’s capacity for training. Often, learning and applying these principles at a young age can set your child up for long-term success.

Sports Performance

Our Motion and Sports Performance Lab helps young athletes recover and prevent future injuries. Our team includes doctors, human movement scientists, physical therapists, and athletic trainers.

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