What to Expect at Your Visit

What to expect during the appointment

During the clinic visit, you will first be asked a series of questions by your pediatric otolaryngologist and speech-language pathologist. A head and neck, heart and lung examination will be performed.

Usually, a flexible fiberoptic laryngoscopy will be recommended and performed during the visit.  During the laryngoscopy a small fiberoptic scope is passed through the nose and used to view the larynx (voicebox). The patient and family will be able to see the exam on a video screen. It is best to perform the laryngoscopy when the patient is having symptoms. In an effort to bring on the symptoms the patient will often be asked to run, do jumping jacks or other exercises during the visit. While the scope is in the nose, and the vocal cords are visible on the monitor, the speech pathologist will teach the patient and family how to relax the vocal folds.

The goal of your clinic visit is to ensure a well-informed discussion and diagnosis of your child’s condition so that you and your child will be fully prepared to pursue a successful course of treatment.

Remember to have your child come to the visit dressed to exercise.