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Safely Home Child Passenger Safety Program

Research finds that nearly 3 out of 4 car seats are misused and over 90% of new parents are using their car seats incorrectly on their first ride home from the hospital. Through our Child Passenger Safety Program, Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford provides parents and caregivers the education they need to keep their children safe in the car.

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Helpful Tips for Using a Safety Seat

Avoid These Dangerous Mistakes

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Always use the seat belt as intended, with the belt over the chest and lap in proper position.




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Never let child ride in a car without proper restraint for their weight and size.





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Although a child may want to sit up front, this puts them too close to the dashboard & air bag which, if deploys, can seriously injure a child.




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Never hold a child on your lap in a moving car, even if you are buckled in — especially in the front  seat. In the case of a crash, the child will be placed in additional risk from the vehicle’s air bags. Children should always be properly restrained in the back seat. 




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Never allow children to play with hard toys or objects in the car, and don’t hang toys from infant seat handles. They can become dangerous during braking or crash situations. Instead provide soft toys like stuffed animals for your child to play with.



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Children should never wear backpacks in the car because they can interfere with the effectiveness of restraint systems.