Advanced Services at Bayside

Lactation Services

Breastfeeding is certainly one of the most natural things in the world. But that doesn’t mean it is always easy. Lots of times, it isn’t. It is a wonderful thing, then, that we now have a professional lactation consultant to help nursing mothers.

At Bayside we have Amrit Khalsa, RN, IBCLC, certified lactation consultant, on our staff. Amrit works in our Berkeley office , but Bayside patients from any of our offices can make an appointment and travel out to see her.

In addition to Amrit, many of our clinicians are quite skilled in coaching nursing mothers, and they can help nursing mothers at regular visits.

We also have other resources for lactation counseling that we can refer you to. We are strong proponents of breastfeeding, so please don’t hesitate to tap into us for help.

Check out our Bayside Health Library's Breastfeeding section, for links and handouts that might be helpful.

Pediatric Pulmonology

Diseases of the lung are very common in children, with asthma being the leading culprit. Although our primary care clinicians deal with these issues every day, because these illnesses can become severe and difficult to diagnose and manage, we often need consultation from specialists in pediatric pulmonary disease.

We are fortunate to have Albert Yu, MD, with us at Bayside. Dr Yu completed the required two years of clinical training of a fellowship in pulmonology. Because he did not go on to do the required third year of research, he is not a board certified pulmonologist, but he has just as much clinical training as though he were fully board qualified. We are lucky, then, that we can have instant consultation and appointment making with Dr. Yu for the benefit of our patients.

Dr. Yu sees patients in our Walnut Creek and Pleasanton offices, and makes consultations with patients everywhere in Bayside.

Pediatric Care When Traveling

It isn't unusual that you take a trip, and what happens, your child gets sick. So there you are, away from home, and you don't have Bayside to turn to, as you would here at home.

To help you find a qualified pediatrician, here is a website to search for board-certified pediatricians who are members of the American Academy of Pediatrics:

Find a Pediatrician while Traveling
This is the nationwide referral service from, the American Academy of Pediatrics' new website for parents.

Also, here is a list of private practices with good and competent pediatricians in other parts of the country that you might be able to turn to. Of course there are no guarantees, but if we were traveling and we had a sick child, these are practices that we might turn to. All of these practices have told us that if they are called by out of town people, as you would be, they are generally accommodating.