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When to Take Your Child to Your Pediatrician for Stomach IssuesJoelle McConlogue, MD, explains what to look for and when to be concerned about your child’s tummy problems in a blog and HealthTalks podcast.

Be Sun Smart: How to Protect Your Child’s SkinLauren Strelitz, MD, shares ways you can keep your family sun safe all year round in a blog and HealthTalks podcast.

Everything to Know About Washing Baby ClothesSoniya Maher, MD, discusses how to wash baby clothes and other tips to keep your newborn skin safe and happy.

Practical Tips for Dealing With BedwettingNivedita More, MD, shares practical tips for parents dealing with this common concern in a blog and HealthTalks podcast.

Pathways to Medicine: How to Get Your StartJoelle McConlogue, MD, shares the importance of mentoring and other early career advice in a Tech Interactive video.

Helping Your Child Cope with Anxiety and DepressionNivedita More, MD, offers ways to support your kids when they are dealing with mental health concerns in a blog and HealthTalks podcast.

Early Diagnosis is Key for Children with AutismSumit Sen, MD, discusses screening for autism in this patient story.

Mites Invade Bay Area Public Parks TamashiroPaula Tairaku, MD, discusses skin reactions in children caused by the bites of mites on Telemudo 48.

Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder in Young ChildrenSumit Sen, MD, offers some strategies that families can use to help set their child with autism up for success in a blog and HealthTalks podcast.

Does Your Child Have Strep Throat?Katya Gerwein, MD, discusses how to distinguish strep from other similar illnesses.

Best Expectorants for Chest CongestionPooja Mehta, DO, discuss the use of honey to provide temporary relief from coughing.

What Happens During Baby’s First Newborn Checkup?Soniya Mehra, MD, MPH, discusses what to expect, questions to ask and how to prepare for your child’s first visit with your pediatrician.

When to Keep Your Child Home From SchoolLauren Strelitz, MD, discusses school sick day signs and symptoms.

The Tech Interactive video offers advice for acne, featuring Nivedita More, MD.

What You Need to Know About Back-to-School VaccinationsPaula Tamashiro Tairaku, MD, discusses what immunizations your child may need for school or college, why they are important, and some suggestions if your child is fearful of receiving a vaccine in a blog and HealthTalks podcast.

The Tech Interactive video features Joelle McConlogue, MD, discussing choking hazards.

Managing Teen AcneNivedita More, MD, and Nora Fahden, MD, discuss helping your child cope with acne in a blog and HealthTalks podcast.

Doctor’s Office, Urgent Care, or Emergency Room?Lauren Strelitz, MD, sheds some light on the differences between the three to help parents make the best decision for their child’s health in a blog and HealthTalks podcast.

Cold or Allergy: How to Tell the DifferenceSoniya Mehra, MD, MPH, explains how to determine if your child is suffering from a cold or allergy in a blog and HealthTalks podcast.

The Tech Interactive Celebrating Women’s History Month video features Soniya Mehra, MD, MPH, discussing what inspired her to go into medicine.

When Is the Right Time to Pierce a Baby’s Ears?Nivedita More, MD, explains what parents need to know about piercing children’s ears.

Getting Back on Track: The Importance of ImmunizationsKatya Gerwein, MD, discusses the importance of annual checkups and routine vaccines.

Avoiding Choking Hazards During the HolidaysJoelle McConlogue, MD, offers some expert tips for dealing with choking threats with your child throughout the year in a blog and HealthTalks podcast.

New Abbott Baby Formula Recall Due to Potential SpoilageSoniya Mehra, MD, MPH, discusses how to know if you child’s formula is spoiled.

Healthy Skin Habits for your FamilyNora Fahden, MD. offers some tips for keeping skin healthy and what to do when there’s a problem in a blog.

Caring for Your Child’s Skin—Nivedita More, MD, provides tips on how to care for your child’s skin in a HealthTalks podcast.

What Parents Need to Know About Caring for Kids’ Skin—and 3 of the Most Common IssuesNora Fahden, MD, discusses healthy skin care habits for children that she recommends to parents.

Does My Baby Recognize Me?Joelle McConlogue, MD, discusses how as an infant’s brain develops, their ability to remember or miss a parent or caregiver also develops.

What to Know When Traveling With Kids During the HolidaysNivedita More, MD, provides advice for parents on whether they should travel this holiday season.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Preventing Food Allergies in ChildrenNivedita More, MD, discusses some of the myths about food allergies and some ways to help prevent food allergies in young children. She provides similar tips in a HealthTalks podcast.

Why You Shouldn’t Delay Your Child’s Wellness ChecksHarry Huang, MD, provides insight on the importance of wellness checks and why parents can feel safe when they visit the doctor’s office.

Tips to Make Sure Your Child Is Getting Enough SleepJoelle McConlogue, MD, discusses ways to make sure your young child or teenager is getting enough sleep. She provides similar tips in a HealthTalks podcast.

What Parents Need to Know About the Pandemic’s Impact on Teens’ Mental Health—In a HealthTalks podcast, Lauren Strelitz, MD, helps guide parents of teens through this stressful time.

COVID-19 and InfluenzaKatya Gerwein, MD, provides some answers to questions about the flu.