Aerial view of Palo Alto and the Stanford Campus

Palo Alto offers a wide array of dining, entertainment and leisure activities for residents, professionals and university students

Life in Palo Alto

Although Palo Alto started out as a sleepy college town, the emergence of Stanford University in the 1970’s as the nation’s leading high-technology research center has paved the way for Palo Alto to be the headquarters for hundreds of startups with connections to Stanford professors and their innovations. As a result of this, Palo Alto is now home to Nobel Prize winners, Silicon Valley CEOs, venture capital firms, Hewlett-Packard and one of the most renowned universities and medical centers in the world.

With such an eclectic and innovative local population, Palo Alto offers a wide array of dining, entertainment, and leisure activities for residents, professionals, university students. Whether you prefer to spend your Saturday afternoon hiking the Stanford Dish or strolling down University Avenue in pursuit of a sushi burrito, there’s a little something for everyone here in Palo Alto.