Frequently Asked Questions

As stated by state law, accrediting bodies and Lucile Packard Children's Medical Staff Bylaws, all Licensed Independent Practitioners (LIP's) who wish to treat patients at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford/Stanford Medicine Children's Health must have clinical privileges and be a member of the medical staff.

All Licensed Independent Practitioners (LIP's) who treat patients independently at Stanford Health Care and/or Stanford Medicine Children's Health are required to be a member of the medical staff. However, privileges will only be granted in areas outside the fellowship and meets appropriate criteria.

Once you have been approved by the Board of Directors of Stanford Health Care and/or Stanford Medicine Children's Health to treat patients within the hospital(s), a Physician I.D. number is issued. This number will then serve as a validation number by the Health Information Management Services (HIMS) dept who issue Dictation Numbers. Your Physician ID number will be communicated to you by the Credentials Coordinator via membership approval letter and/or telephone. To obtain access to the dictation system please contact the HIMS dept at (650) 723-5588.

In compliance with state law, accreditation bodies and as part of Stanford Health Care/Stanford Medicine Children's Health Performance Improvement and Quality Assurance it is necessary to evaluate each medical staff members' performance, activity, licensure, clinical competence (including but not limited to sanctions) AT LEAST every two years.

Our current reappointment processing time averages 4 months from receipt of application to final approval. To ensure applications are processed within the time frame of the providers' current appointment, it is essential to mail packets 180 days in advance and to receive them back within 30 days.

As part of our peer review process as well as meeting the requirements of JCAHO, we must provide documentation that all individuals with hospital/clinical privileges participate in continuing education.

Our department goal is to complete new appointment applications within 90 days. However, this time frame is contingent upon the receipt of all verifying documentation.

If you would like to change or review your current clinical privileges, contact your Credentialing Coordinator directly. The Credentials Coordinator can assist you in completing the appropriate clinical privilege forms.

General questions should be directed to the IT Help Desk at (650) 498-7500. Training the POE system is also available by calling the IT Help Desk.