Support and Education

Our child life specialists have developed services to accommodate patients, siblings, and parents during their families' stay.

Patients and Siblings

  • Play opportunities – Patients and siblings are encouraged to participate in our Preschool, Forever Young Zone, and Family Resource Center programming to help adjust to the hospital. (Children younger than 5 must be accompanied to activities by a responsible adult.)   We also have bedside activity carts on the inpatient units when volunteers are available.
  • Environmental Support – Child Life Specialists prepare patients and siblings for what they will experience at the hospital, what they will see, explain how medical equipment is helping, and suggest ways they can each be involved with the hospitalization.
  • Diagnosis Education – When a child is hospitalized it effects the whole family. Our team is available to offer support and education to both patients and siblings regarding the reason for admission, diagnosis, and ongoing treatment as needed.
  • Building Coping Techniques – Child Life Specialists can help provide children with strategies for coping with their hospitalization and assist with understanding pain. To empower patients and families to improve the medical procedure and pain experience, we’ve created a video designed for parents and caregivers to watch with their child.  The video helps everyone understand how pain works, and what everyone can to do to help a child have more control over their pain, their brain, their body, and their experience. 
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You are the boss of your brain

View our video to learn how pain works and how to manage pain during medical procedures.

Parent Support and Education

  • Consultations – Parents may consult with Child Life Specialists when they have concerns related to their child's adjustment to illness/hospitalization, parenting in the hospital, and other related concerns.
  • Educational resources – The Family Resource Library offers patients and families educational resources about health care, specific diagnoses, and parenting.
  • Recreational opportunities – Parents are welcome to attend Preschool and Forever Young Zone activities with their children/teens and to borrow activities for their child.