Guidelines for Immune Compromised Patients

Please follow these important instructions when your child is coming and going from the hospital or clinics on Welch Road during construction:

Wear the respirator mask

Your child should put on the respirator mask before you drive into the construction area between Arboretum Road, Quarry Road, Campus Drive and Sand Hill Road. The mask should remain on while inside the hospital, until you are back outside of the construction area, though it can be temporarily removed inside your patient room.

Keep car windows closed and use the re-circulated air flow control in your car

Before driving into the construction area near the hospital, close your car windows and turn on the re-circulated air flow.

Use the free valet service

Free valet service is available at the main entrance on Welch Road from 6am to 8pm. Garage parking fees still apply. If you need to leave after 8pm, security will bring your car to the entrance. Your child should remain inside the hospital until your car arrives.

Keep the respirator mask on during your entire visit

For clinic visits, the mask should remain on when entering the building, sitting in the waiting area, in the clinic room and leaving the building.

If your child is admitted, there is no need to wear a mask inside the patient room as long as the hallway door is closed. The mask should be worn whenever your child leaves the room. Do not use any of the outside decks, including the outdoor eating area near the cafeteria. The bathroom window must remain closed at all times.

Use the shuttle from Ronald McDonald House

Ask the driver to keep all shuttle windows closed and have your child wear the respirator mask before the shuttle enters the construction area. There are no extra precautions while at Ronald McDonald House since it is outside of the construction area.