Making room for play

Indoor and outdoor activities at every level

Play and Recreation

Patients and Siblings

Our child life specialists have developed services to accommodate patients, siblings and family members during their stay. All patients must be medically cleared and free of any isolation precautions to participate in these activities. Siblings of patients who are not in isolation are also welcome to attend.

Play opportunities: Patients and siblings are encouraged to participate in our Playrooms, Broadcasting Studio, Story Corner and Family Resource Center programming to help adjust to the hospital. Children younger than 5 must be accompanied to activities by a responsible adult. We also have bedside activity carts on the inpatient units when volunteers are available.


There are dedicated Child Life rooms on each inpatient care level of the Main building. The Child Life rooms include modern elements and spaces specially designed to support patients, giving them some control of their hospital experience. Here you will be able to participate in free play, arts and crafts activities and various board and video games. It allows patients and any siblings to be together in a fun environment. These rooms are designated by age group to support patients of all ages, infants to teens. The main playroom on Level 2 is for children of all ages and includes access to an outdoor play area. The infant/toddler playroom on Level 3 is for children up to 3 years old. The Forever Young Zone/Teen Lounge on Level 4 is for teens aged 13 and older.


Dunlevie Garden
The Dunlevie Garden features several destinations for our patients and families to enjoy. You can stop by to see the wolf, the mama and baby, the three bears and the puma den. Look out for the giant banana slug! All animals were selected by our patients. The Dunlevie Garden is situated between the Main and West buildings.

Emerald Garden
The Emerald Garden is a sea-themed play area for children. This garden hosts a variety of outdoor events, including health fairs, farmer’s markets and food trucks. See the Welcome Desk for a calendar of upcoming events.

Packard Television

Each patient room has two televisions, one for the patient and one for the family and friends that visit. These TVs offers PackardVision, an educational resource and entertainment, a STEAM gaming system, children’s movie channels, a relaxation channel and a direct connection to our in-house Broadcast Studio.

Broadcast Studio/Sophie’s Place

The Broadcast Studio, named “Sophie’s Place,” provides equipment for children to create, record, and edit videos and music. With the help of our media coordinators, videos can be broadcasted and shared throughout patient rooms via the hospital entertainment system for patients who are unable to leave their rooms. Sophie’s Place is located inside Story Corner in the Main building.

Story Corner

The Story Corner is a multiuse space where families can gather for activities such as reading and storytelling time with a volunteer or librarian. Shelves are loaded with books for all ages and soft, comfortable spots are available to sit and read. Young patients and their families can make new friends, find strength in shared experiences, and explore their creativity. Since all patient rooms have a bedside iPad and television, bed-bound patients will be able to take part in scheduled storytelling sessions and group activities like Bingo. The hospital entertainment network and digital signage will post updates on events and classes at the Story Corner, which is located on the ground floor of the Main building.

Interactive California Coast Wellness Eco-Zone

Located inside Story Corner, the Interactive California Coast Wellness Eco-Zone features an Ouva Wall. The Ouva Wall is an interactive gesture-responsive screen where children and families can have fun and learn about different ecosystems. Visitors can interact with lively elements and animals found on California’s coast by moving their bodies in front of the screen.

Digital Library

We have created a digital library, offering you and your family extensive information about pediatric and maternal health. It’s also a fun place to check-out books and DVDs.