Visiting Sequoia Hospital

Sequoia Hospital Special Care Nursery

We encourage parents and immediate family members to spend as much time as they wish with our patients. Parents receive armbands when their baby is admitted and these should be worn at all times until your baby leaves the hospital. All Sequoia Hospital Special Care Nursery hospital visitors must be accompanied by the patient's parent or designee.

We request that you limit the number of visitors at any one time in consideration of other patients and the time necessary for our care teams—including you—to provide nurturing care for your child.


Brothers and sisters of any age are welcome to visit; however, parents must be responsible for their supervision. Please do not bring to the hospital any children who display signs of contagious diseases or who have been exposed to measles or chicken pox. Siblings may participate in selected patient activities when space and staffing permit. Our parent room has child-friendly videos and games for siblings to enjoy while they visit.

Finding a Patient

If you would like to locate a patient who is hospitalized, please call the Sequoia Hospital operator at (650) 367-5811 or visit the Information Desk located on the first floor.