Refer an Outpatient

In addition to facilitating new patient referrals, our Physician Consult & Referral Service also coordinates doctor-to-doctor consultations, checks the status of referral and clinic appointments, notifies you of critical patient events (such as admissions and discharges) and provides general assistance to accessing physicians and clinic services.

Priority or routine doctor consults
(800) 995-5724

Outpatient referral forms

For specific outpatient referrals please, download the appropriate form, call our Referral Center at (800) 995-5724 or contact us through MDPortal.

International referrals

Our Stanford Medicine Children’s International Patient Services (SCIPS) program offers special services for patients and their families who are coming from outside the United States for care within the Stanford Medicine Children’s Health network. Our program provides a single point contact who assists with appointment scheduling, care coordination, accommodations, and more. Our SCIPS team is committed to making each patient’s experience as comfortable and convenient as possible. For inquiries please visit our SCIPS program site >