Getting your child safely to the facilities they need, when they need them

Transport Services

The transportation of critically ill infants, children and expectant mothers requires a specialized team trained and equipped to offer the highest level of care in any setting. Our specialized teams are available 24/7 and are trained to transport critical patients on the ground or in the air. Up to four teams are available at any time and are prepared to bridge the gap between other medical facilities and the Stanford Medicine Children’s Health system. Every patient is different, and our team composition can be adapted to meet your child’s needs. With nurses, respiratory therapists, and doctors available at a moment’s notice, we can ensure that your child receives the care that they need even before they enter our walls.

Before transporting a patient, our doctors and Transfer Center staff consult with doctors and facilities in the community to explore all options and form a plan with your child’s best interest in mind. Our teams are prepared to travel via ground in our dedicated Stanford Medicine Children’s Health ambulances, operated by Pro-Transport-1. We have a partnership with Stanford Life Flight and AirMethods if fixed wing or helicopter transport is required.

More information

For neonatal patients, we offer immediate consultation with a neonatologist to discuss patient management questions and whether transport is indicated. Collaborative consultations with obstetrics and neonatology include the appropriateness of maternal versus neonatal transport. If a maternal transport is indicated, maternal-fetal medicine specialists are available for consult and collaboration in an instant.

For pediatric transport, we offer immediate consultation with a surgeon, trauma surgeon, and/or pediatric critical care physician for questions regarding patient management or whether transport is indicated.