What I Wish I Had Been Told About CHD

What I wish I had been told about CHD

Approximately every 15 minutes, a family learns that their child has congenital heart disease (CHD). Many parents feel inundated by the amount of information thrown at them in this period and understandably may feel overwhelmed.

We’ve partnered with a nonprofit organization, Conquering CHD, on an educational campaign to help families of children with CHD, or adults with CHD, receive expert advice directly from the source and navigate these stressful times.

It takes a village.

A lot of people are involved in caring for a child or an adult with CHD. From doctors and nurses to social workers, psychologists, and speech therapists, it takes a collaborative, multidisciplinary care team. Congenital heart disease is not something you should journey through alone. Lean on your or your child’s care team!

Learn about the comprehensive care that the Adult Congenital Heart Program—a collaboration between Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford and Stanford Hospital—provides to children of all ages, teens, and adults with congenital heart disease.

For additional questions about our CHD care or to schedule an appointment for you or your child with CHD, don’t hesitate to contact us.