Adult Congenital Heart Program Services

Our comprehensive Adult Congenital Heart Program (ACHD) provides the following services:

Expert diagnostics of congenital heart disease (CHD)

Effective congenital heart care starts with accurate diagnostics. In our program, images are read by radiologists who are specially trained in recognizing congenital heart disease. They spot details that can be missed by general radiologists. Once tests are completed, we gather our team of ACHD program heart doctors to review all cardiac imaging tests and diagnostic laboratory tests to determine the best next step in your child’s care journey.

Multidisciplinary care for your child’s unique needs

We bring together a holistic, diverse team to care for your child and your family. First, our ACHD heart doctors devise an individual care plan for your child’s specific presentation of congenital heart disease. If your child has health needs besides heart disease, we coordinate care with other specialists and subspecialists to optimize care and promote success. Next, we partner with exercise and nutrition experts to empower your child to live his or her best life by preventing diseases common to adults with congenital heart disease and staying healthy. Finally, social workers and psychologists care for your child’s and family’s emotional and social needs.

Family support

While your child receives care with us, we want to make your family’s life as simple as possible so that you can fully be there for your child. We welcome you to take advantage of our hospital’s extensive patient and family services, including travel and housing assistance.

If your child requires a complex heart surgery or interventional cardiac catheterization procedure, ask about our Heart Center Coordination Program, which can provide your family with a cardiac nurse navigator to guide you through your child’s care journey at Stanford Children’s. The program is currently supporting pediatric patients with certain complex heart needs.

Transition Clinic for teens

Using best practices established by the Adult Congenital Heart Association (ACHA), this clinic brings together a joint care team from the Adult Congenital Heart Program at both our children’s and adult hospitals to prepare preteens and teens to care for their lifelong disease. Over several years, our transition specialists empower youth to take an active role in managing their own care so that when they turn 18, they are ready to transition to the ACHD team at Stanford Health Care comfortably.

Coordinated care for women wanting children

We partner with specialized obstetricians and fertility experts within the Johnson Center for Newborn and Pregnancy Services at Stanford Medicine Children’s Health to help women with congenital heart disease understand their options for pregnancy and to empower them with high-risk pregnancy management to succeed in delivering a healthy baby. We also provide contraception counseling, preservation counseling, and genetic counseling.

Telehealth visits

We offer telehealth visits to make our care easier to access for families who do not live nearby. Our ACHD team is happy to consult with you and your child’s local cardiologist to coordinate care or to provide a second opinion. As part of our Betty Irene Moore Children’s Heart Center, we provide appointments at outreach locations throughout Northern California.