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Our Services

Fetal and Pregnancy Health Services at Packard Children’s provides nurturing, comprehensive and collaborative care for fetuses with complex problems. We prepare you for your baby’s delivery and the care your baby will need as a newborn and beyond. The type of care, where it’s provided, and when are personalized to each fetus’s unique situation.

Fetal Imaging and Diagnostic Services. Understanding the fetal diagnosis is important in making the right management plan for you and your baby. Our team will select evaluations to clarify the diagnosis based on your baby’s needs. These may include:

Other diagnostic tests may be offered through our Perinatal Diagnostic Centers, including amniocentesis, fetal blood sampling, or other special genetic testing. Once tests have clarified your baby’s diagnosis, you will meet with our Fetal and Pregnancy Health team members. They will:

1.    Review and explain their findings
2.    Discuss treatment options
3.    Answer your questions
4.    Make sure you have the information you need to make the best decision for your family

Learn more about the fetal conditions we manage and treatments we offer.

Multidisciplinary Care Planning. Throughout your pregnancy, the Center for Fetal and Maternal Health team holds regular conferences where medical and surgical subspecialists come together to:

  • Review your diagnostic test findings
  • Discuss your individual needs
  • Discuss the most recent research and outcomes in the medical literature for similar cases
  • Develop the best care plan for you and your baby

 Understanding and Support. Highly trained social workers and genetic counselors are important members of our team. They can:

  • Help you understand your baby’s condition and the hospital experience
  • Provide emotional support
  • Connect you with local resources, including housing

Ongoing Care and Delivery

During pregnancy. Many expectant mothers continue to receive care throughout pregnancy from their own obstetrician. We will work with your obstetrician to arrange ongoing advanced ultrasound imaging and other expert input at one of our Perinatal Diagnostic Centers throughout the Bay Area.

Your baby’s delivery. If your baby will require specialty care immediately after birth, we recommend you deliver your baby at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford. Our team will help you and your family prepare for your baby’s arrival. You will:

  • Have at least one appointment with a maternal-fetal medicine (high-risk obstetrics) physician to create a delivery plan
  • Tour Labor and Delivery and the nurseries
  • Discuss with our team what your baby will need in the delivery room and after birth, and who will provide that care

We recommend you deliver at a hospital closer to home if your baby will not require specialty care immediately after birth. Your baby will then visit a Stanford Children’s Health outpatient clinic sometime after birth. The same medical or surgical subspecialists you meet during your pregnancy will see your baby in clinic.
In all cases, we will:

  • Communicate with your doctor to make sure the best plan is in place for you and your baby
  • Provide compassion and support for you and your family

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