Pediatric Liver Transplant Multidisciplinary Team

Our Pediatric Liver Transplant care team consists of multidisciplinary specialists to optimize your child's health. View more of our team members >

Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners

Alison Marshall

Alison Marshall, PNP

Angela Wong

Angela Wong, PNP

Ann Elizabeth Mock

Ann Mock, PA-C

Annette Nasr

Annette Nasr, RN, PhD, Independent Donor Advocate

Ashley Pedroza

Ashley Pedroza, PA-C

Carmen Mandac

Carmen Mandac, PNP

Cristina Pruett

Cristina Pruett, PA-C

Danielle Romero

Danielle Romero, PNP

Denisia Chen

Denisia Chen, RN, CPC, CHC, Transplant Regulatory Compliance Specialist

Julie Depper

Julie Depper, PA-C

Katherine Sear

Katherine Sear, PNP

Katie Harmann

Katie Harmann, PA-C

Kristie Taylor

Kristie Taylor, PA-C

Lauren North

Lauren North, PNP

Lourdes Chau

Lourdes Chau, RN, Living Donor Coordinator

Megan Brown

Megan Brown, PA-C

Rachel Schwartz

Rachel Schwartz, PA-C

Social Workers

Denise Alloway

Denise Alloway, LCSW

Amy Kyi

Amy Kyi, MSW


Rochelle Lai

Rochelle Lai, MS, RD

Tanya Wapensky

Tanya Wapensky, MS, RD


Angela Beadles

Angela Beadles, PharmD, BCPS

Administrative Team

Joshua Gossett

Joshua E. Gossett, DNP, MBA, RN, FACHE, Administrative Director

Lior Arnoff

Lior Arnoff, RN-BC, MBA, Quality Improvement Advisor

Lisa Campbell

Lisa Campbell, Patient Care Coordinator

Cecilia Cura

Cecilia Cura, Transplant Financial Coordinator

Ellen Lee

Ellen Lee, Organ Procurement Specialist

Liz Pena

Liz Pena, Transplant Financial Coordinator

Claudia Reyes

Claudia Reyes, Patient Care Coordinator


View more of our team members >