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Pediatric Liver Transplant Care Team

As one of the largest referral centers for children with liver disease in the San Francisco Bay Area, our core team of transplant surgeons and hepatologists has been together for 25 years. Our approach of family-centered care, means you’ll play an active role in your child’s care along with our team to give your child the best possible outcome.

Transplant Surgeons

Carlos O. Esquivel, MD, PhD

Carlos O. Esquivel, MD, PhD, Chief, Division of Transplantation

Areas of expertise: surgery, intestinal transplant, liver transplant

C. Andrew Bonham, MD, FACS

C. Andrew Bonham, MD, FACS, Surgical Director

Areas of expertise: surgery, intestinal transplant, liver transplant

Stephan Busque, MD

Stephan Busque, MD

Areas of expertise: surgery, kidney transplant, liver transplant

Amy Gallo, MD

Amy Gallo, MD

Areas of expertise: surgery, kidney transplant, liver transplant

Marc Melcher, MD, PhD

Marc Melcher, MD, PhD

Areas of expertise: general surgery, liver transplant

    Gastroenterologists and Hepatologists

    Leina Alrabadi, MD

    Leina Alrabadi, MD, is board certified in Pediatric Gastroenterology.

    Areas of expertise: liver transplant, autoimmune hepatitis, primary sclerosing cholangitis

    William Berquist, MD

    William Berquist, MD, Medical Director, Pediatric Liver Transplant Program

    Areas of expertise: gastroenterology, intestinal transplant, liver transplant

      Multidisciplinary Team

      Transplant Staff

      • Lisa Campbell, Patient Care Coordinator
      • Danielle Lecky, Patient Care Coordinator
      • Claudia Reyes, Patient Care Coordinator
      • Bryant Soong, RN, MSN, PHN, Outpatient RN Case Manager

      Transplant Coordinators

      Inpatient Physician Assistants

      • Julie Depper, PA-C
      • Ann Mock, PA-C
      • Ashley Pedroza, PA-C
      • Cristina Pruet, PA-C
      • Kristie Taylor, PA-C

      Solid Organ Transplant Director

      • Joshua E. Gossett, DNP, MBA, RN, FACHE

      Transplant Financial Coordinators

      • Cecilia Cura, Transplant Financial Coordinator
      • Liz Pena, Transplant Financial Coordinator

      Transplant Pharmacist

      • Angela Beadles, PharmD, BCPS


      • Rochelle Lai, RD

      Social Worker

      Transplant Quality Team

      • Denisia Chen, RN, CPC, CHC, Transplant Regulatory Compliance Specialist
      • Laura Ryan, PA-C, MBA, Quality Manager

      Living Donor Staff

      • Annette Nasr, RN, PhD, Independent Living Donor Advocate
      • Lourdes Chau, RN, Living Donor Coordinator