Neonatology Care Team

Our Neonatology physicians are based at several locations throughout the Bay Area, with some practicing at more than one location. Our Stanford Medicine physicians are faculty at the Stanford School of Medicine. Our hospitalists are physicians who specialize in clinical, hospital-based care. Please see our list of neonatologists below, organized alphabetically by their primary location:

Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford


Lawrence Prince, MD, Division Chief, Neonatology, Co-director Johnson Center for Pregnancy & Newborn Services
Cody Arnold, MD
Lisa Bain, MD, Medical Director, Packard Intermediate Care Nursery, Associate Chief for Quality Improvement
Sonia Bonifacio, MD
Ritu Chitkara, MD
Valerie Chock, MD, Associate Director of Neonatal Services, Fetal and Pregnancy Health Program
Alexis Davis, MD, Medical Director, Packard Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Fatima Eskandar-Afshari, DO
Janene Fuerch, MD
Louis Halamek, MD, Director, Center for Advanced Pediatric and Perinatal Education
Susan Hintz, MD, Director, Fetal and Pregnancy Health Program
Anca Pasca, MD
Jochen Profit, MD
Nilima Ragavan, MD
Anand Rajani, MD
Anoop Rao, MD
Jonathan Reiss, MD
William Rhine, MD
Melissa Scala, MD
Krisa Van Meurs, MD
Nicole Yamada, MD

Neonatal hospitalists

Elizabeth Blecharcyzk, MD
Kenneth Christensen, MD
Matthew Cranshaw, MD
Chandani Dezure, MD
Alma Erice-Taganas, MD
Adam Frymoyer, MD
Arun Gupta, MD
Irene Jun, MD
Shamita Punjabi, MD
Anand Rajani, MD
Michael Scahill, MD
Wendy Si, MD
Nichole Wang, DO
Jadene Wong, MD

Advanced practice providers

Kathy Beall, NP
Kristine Boyle, NP
Erin Comolli, NP
Beth Fluharty, NP
Lorena Fuji, NP
Lauren Gale, NP
Cecelia Glennon, NP
Alyssa Harbaugh, NP
Katie Hunt, NP
Abby Jacobs, NP
Savannah Kahn, NP
Diana Kobayashi, NP
Cindy Lam, NP
Sharon Lau, NP
Matthew Ly, NP
Courtney MacDowell, NP
Christine Manipon, NP
Audrey Moore, NP
Amanda Moy, NP
Diana Ng, NP
Laura Popovich, NP
Arlene Sheehan, NP
Rachael Small, NP
Kirsten Strzok, NP
Jackie Tong, NP
Shelby Vallandingham, NP
Nicole Weigel, NP
Danielle Wetzel, NP

Dominican Hospital


Magdy Ismail, MD, Medical Director, Dominican Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Nicole Anderson Smith, MD

Watsonville Hospital


Edward McNamara, MD, Medical Director, Watsonville Special Care Nursery

Salinas Valley Health


Robert Castro, MD, Medical Director, Salinas Valley Health Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
Greg Glasscock, MD
Tabitha Solomon, MD
Carl Yaeger, MD