Spina Bifida Care Team

The expert members of our Spina Bifida Team are leaders in the diagnosis and treatment of neural tube defects and the associated conditions. They are specialists in the following areas:


Gerald Grant, MD

Gerald Grant, MD, is the Program Chair for the Spina Bifida Clinic and he is the Division Chief of Pediatric Neurosurgery.

Area of expertise: neurosurgery, neonatal neurology

Stephanie Choi, RN, MS, CPNP-BC

Stephanie Choi, RN, MS, CPNP-BC, is a board certified pediatric nurse p.

Area of expertise: neurosurgery


Kristi Thraves, BSN, RN

Kristi Thraves, BSN, RN, is the Spina Bifida Program Coordinator.

Area of expertise: spina bifida

Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics

Christina Buysse, MD 

Christina Buysse, MD, is the Program Co-Chair for the Spina Bifida Clinic.

Area of expertise:  neonatology

Orthopedic Surgery

Jeffrey Young, MD 

Jeffery Young, MD, is board certified in orthopedic surgery.

Area of expertise: orthopedics, hip preservation


Hsi-Yang Wu, MD

 His-Yang Wu, MD, is board certified in pediatric urology.

Area of expertise: urology, pediatric urology

Malathy Sivapalasingam, NP 

Malathy Sivaapalasingam, NP, is a board certified pediatric nurse practitioner.

Area of expertise: urology

Susan Pike, NP

 Susan Pike, NP, is a board certified pediatric nurse practitioner.

Area of expertise: urology

Physical Therapy

Eilish Byrne, DPT 

Eilish Byrne, DPT, is board certified in rehabilitation medicine.

Area of expertise: rehabilitation medicine, physical medicine and rehabilitation

Social Services

Christine Tran, MSW 

Christine Tran, MSW, is a board certified clinical social worker.

Area of expertise: social work