Young Athletes Academy Cycling Program

Improved bike fit and form, safer and more effective training, and stronger muscles and bones can all make a big impact on your child’s performance. The Young Athletes Academy Cycling Program helps your child reach his or her full potential. The program was designed by experts in pediatric sports medicine and developed to empower young cyclists.

The Young Athletes Academy Cycling Program includes:

  • A one-on-one consultation with Emily Kraus, MD, a pediatric sports medicine physician with a passion for cycling medicine. Dr. Kraus will review your child’s past injuries, medical history and training schedule, and conduct a full physical exam. The appointment will also include a goal-setting discussion. Additional lab work, imaging or a bone health assessment may be included if needed.
  • An evaluation with a physical therapist (PT) who has experience working with young cyclists. The PT will evaluate strength and movement patterns to identify areas that may be dragging down performance or increasing injury risk. If needed, follow-up visits with a PT or athletic trainer are available to continue the progress of the first session.
  • A bike fit and motion exam in our Motion Analysis and Sports Performance Laboratory. We will outfit your child with sensors designed to measure the angle of each joint while riding and use that data to make personalized suggestions about bike fit and riding stance to improve performance and reduce injury risk.

Nutrition consultation with a sports dietitian is also available.

The program is available at our Sunnyvale clinic, located at 1195 West Fremont Avenue.

We offer the option of paying for this service via insurance, for example, if your child is trying to return to cycling after an injury, or with a flat fee of $495. Please call your insurance provider for information on reimbursement.

To make an appointment, please call (844) 41-ORTHO (67846).

See the cycling program in action

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Check out the cycling program as it comes to life in this video and hear from past participants who say it improved their performance.

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