Young Athletes Academy Running Program

For many people, running is more than just a sport. It’s a way of life that allows them to relieve stress, find a community, explore the world and more. The Young Athletes Academy Running Program understands that and helps each young runner reach his or her potential safely and effectively.

The program brings together a group of experts who are skilled in pediatric sports medicine and have a specific interest and background in running to help us treat the entire runner, from head to toe. We know that every aspect of your life affects your running experience, including training volume, injury history, running biomechanics, nutrition, sleep, recovery and more.

The program includes:

  • Gait analysis: Skilled biomechanists perform cutting-edge motion analysis to identify biomechanical errors or imbalances that could lead to injury or suboptimal performance.
  • Running medicine consultation: Patients receive a one-on-one consultation with Emily Kraus, MD, a pediatric sports medicine physician (and a 2:53 marathoner) with a passion for running medicine. This meeting includes a thorough review of the athlete’s past injuries and medical and training history along with a goal-setting discussion and a physical exam. Dr. Kraus may also do lab work, imaging, or a bone health workup, if needed.
  • Physical therapy evaluation: A physical therapist who has experience working with young runners will perform a thorough assessment to evaluate the athlete’s strength and pinpoint mobility and dynamic movement patterns that could hamper the athlete’s performance or increase his or her injury risk. Based on this evaluation, follow-up visits with a physical therapist or athletic trainer may be recommended to overcome any issues identified in the initial session.

We also can provide nutrition consultation with a sports dietitian who specializes in nutrition for runners.

The program is available at our Sunnyvale clinic, which is located at 195 West Fremont Avenue.

We offer the option of paying for this service with a $295 flat fee or with insurance, which may cover the cost of the service if, for example, an athlete is trying to return to running after an injury. Please call your insurance provider for information on reimbursement.

To make an appointment, please call (844) 41-ORTHO.