Success Stories

Caltong Liu - Three part story
When four-year-old Caltong Liu arrived by ambulance at Stanford Hospital's emergency department, his medical condition was dire. The well-coordinated efforts of dozens of specialists allowed Caltong to return to the outdoor play he loves.

Jax Cannon - A Smile For Jax
A household accident severed his facial nerve and paralyzed part of his face. Thanks to plastic and reconstructive surgeons at Packard Children's, Jax is now recovering nicely—and his smile is back.

Alexandre Acra - At the Worst Time, the Best Team
After Alexandre Acra cut his forearm on a broken window, the Pediatric Emergency Department, Hand and Upper Limb, and Occupational Therapy teams all contributed to a successful surgery and recovery.

Spencer Morse - A Race Against Time
While racing his motocross bike, 15-year-old Spencer Morse lost control on a jump. He was airlifted to Packard Children's Hospital where our neurosurgery and trauma teams treated his severe brain injury.