Research, Education and Worldwide Impact

How does research help patients?

Our team is home to world-renowned researchers who are looking into the cause and treatment of airway and aerodigestive conditions in children. Because of their work, our patients have access to the latest, most advanced clinical trials and other research into airway conditions. You can learn more about specific clinical trials here. Patients also have access to experts who are not only up-to-date but who are helping to develop many of the most cutting-edge treatments and options available.

What kind of research do we do?

Our researchers have participated and taken leadership roles in various registries, including the airway and aerodigestive and cardiac bronchoscopy registries. These registries are vital in collecting the data needed to develop best practices in the treatment of these conditions. They have also conducted research into various surgical and endoscopic procedures in the operating room, feeding issues after certain airway surgeries, the use of medical records to improve patient safety, ultrasonography and vocal fold motion disorders, and the CHARIOT Program, which uses virtual and augmented reality and airway endoscopy to reduce anxiety in children.

What education and outreach do we do?

Our team is involved in local, national and international outreach to improve care for airway problems for children in our own community and throughout the world. We have presented at conferences from Nashville to Lucknow, India, and have been involved with the development of an otolaryngology practice in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Our doctors are also part of the following research and professional groups:

Where can I find more information?

For a complete list of publications of our team, please visit the following sites:

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