What to Expect at Your Initial Team Visit

We treat a wide array of conditions

Because of the wide array of conditions we treat, every patient’s visit will be unique. However, many patients and their families have found it helpful to know the following information before their visit:

  • Your initial visit will likely take approximately three to four hours, as you will be meeting with a team of specialists throughout the day.

  • After your visit, your child’s team of specialists will meet and draft a report with their recommendations. This report will be sent to you after the meeting.

  • We want to avoid unnecessary repetition of tests and evaluations, so don’t forget to bring all of your child’s medical records, including the names and addresses of all individuals involved in your child’s health care and all medical reports, x-rays, and CT scans or MRIs.

  • We recommend that you also bring one or two of your child’s favorite books or toys as well as snacks, food, and milk or formula.

  • Lastly, if you are traveling a long distance and need overnight accommodations, we suggest staying at the Ronald McDonald House.

On average, families should expect to return once every one to two years to monitor their child’s growth.