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What Conditions Require Craniosynostosis Reconstruction?

Patients with craniosynostosis have a condition in which their skull does not develop properly. One or more of the skull bone growth areas fuses abnormally, which causes a distortion of the head shape. This process can also result in excess pressure on the brain. Craniosynostosis can affect various parts of the skull.

Isolated single suture involvement are the most common type of craniosynostosis. These are referred to as:

  • Sagittal
  • Metopic
  • Coronal
  • Lambdoid

Multiple sutures and various combinations of suture involvement can be:

  • Bicoronal
  • Multisuture craniosynostosis.

There are several other conditions that include craniosynostosis and a skull malformation. These include:

  • Apert syndrome
  • Crouzon syndrome
  • Kleeblattschädel (cloverleaf) craniosynostosis
  • Muenke syndrome
  • Pfeiffer syndrome
  • Saethre-Chotzen syndrome