Why Choose Betty Irene Moore Children’s Heart Center for Patient Referrals

Advanced heart care and impressive outcomes for even the most complex heart conditions

At Betty Irene Moore Children’s Heart Center, our pediatric cardiac teams have cared for children from around the globe with some of the most challenging heart conditions in the world. We offer our young heart patients advanced and personalized care, as well as research-driven and innovative treatments. Some of our innovative care highlights include serving as the premier destination for our distinctive pulmonary artery reconstruction procedure, developed by our chief of cardiology; being one of the top three programs in the United States in the number of ventricular assist devices implanted for severe heart failure; and performing the world’s first successful heart transplant in the United States, as well as the most pediatric heart transplants in California. We’ve accomplished these milestones with great results.

Learn more about the Betty Irene Moore Children’s Heart Center at Stanford Medicine Children's Health and how we can collaborate on great patient and family care.

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