Research & Innovation

Stanford researchers and physicians work hand in hand to translate cutting-edge research into lifesaving cures.

We conduct research related to every condition we treat, including:

  • Testing the use of a new gene-editing technique to insert a working copy of missing blood-clotting factors into the DNA of hemophilia patients
  • Exploring the use of gene editing to replace the mutated gene that causes sickle-cell disease with a healthy copy
  • Investigating the impacts of new drugs on hemolytic anemia and Diamond–Blackfan anemia
  • Studying the ideal duration of anti-clotting therapy in children with blood clots

Seeking a less-burdensome treatment for Diamond Blackfan anemia

Stanford doctors recently identified a protein that may help lead to better treatments for Diamond Blackfan anemia. In Diamond Blackfan anemia, patients make very few red blood cells. Many patients need regular blood transfusions, which means frequent doctor or hospital visits. Patients also receive steroid medications, but these have several side effects. Our doctors are working to find a drug that could stimulate red blood cell formation without the side effects of current therapies. 

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