Single Ventricle Patient Stories

Read the stories of patients who were treated for single ventricle heart defects and associated conditions at Stanford Medicine Children's Health's Single Ventricle Program.

Patient stories

Naomi Debello

This 14 year old spent her entire life tinted blue until a life-changing heart surgery.

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Shoham Das

This 16-year-old is thriving after his Fontan surgery for DORV, having earned three black belts with half a heart and a whole lot of spirit.

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Ziyan Liu

This 11-year-old with a single ventricle is fit to run after receiving a ventricular assist device (VAD). The Single Ventricle Program helped Ziyan regain her strength, transition back to school, and fully participate in physical education and running.

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Carmel Smith

This 32-week-old premature infant received the Norwood procedure for hypoplastic left heart syndrome from Frank Hanley, MD. At the time, she was one of the smallest babies in Northern California and possibly the world to survive the procedure.

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