Conditions We Treat at the Pediatric Transplant Center

Depending on the child’s condition, they may or may not need a transplant. We treat and manage the full range of diseases related to transplant, providing each child the best care possible.

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Our PACT (Pediatric Advanced Cardiac Therapies) team is among the most experienced in the nation and can treat a very wide range of heart conditions. View some of the more common heart conditions we treat in our program.

The children that aren’t living on dialysis, but suffer from a complex kidney disease, may or may not need a kidney transplant. Some of these kidney transplant conditions.

Liver damage in children happens for a variety of reasons. Some children are born with a liver condition; others acquire liver disease after birth.

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Our team works closely with the Center for Advanced Lung (CEAL) Therapies and experts from our Pulmonary & Cystic Fibrosis Center.

Together, we provide treatment for the full range of chronic diseases that may require lung transplantation, from cystic fibrosis to genetic defects.

DISOT is a stem cell transplant, which provides your child with a new immune system, followed by a kidney transplant from the same donor, usually a parent.

Since your child’s new immune system recognizes its new kidney, it isn’t likely to reject it.