Planning for your Child’s Comfort: Before the Procedure or Surgery

Some pain or discomfort after a procedure or surgery is normal.  For some parents, knowing what to expect can make things easier for you and your child.

We are committed to taking care of your child’s pain and working with you to make your child as comfortable as possible.

At your child’s clinic appointment, your care provider will discuss the details of your child’s procedure or surgery. They will help you know more about what to expect regarding pain and options for relieving pain after the procedure or surgery. The provider will discuss your child’s need for pain medication and other non-medication options that help relieve pain.

This appointment is a good time for you to partner with the provider about the plan for your child’s pain control. You know your child best and can share what you know works to keep your child comfortable.

Also, your child may feel nervous about the upcoming surgery or procedure.  This is completely normal. To help with this, we have Child Life Specialists available to work with your child before their procedure, on the procedure date, and after the procedure.

Your phone appointment with the Pediatric Anesthesia Resource Center (PARC) will prepare you and your child for the day of surgery. Parents can take this opportunity to ask any questions and discuss your child’s comfort plan.

Questions to ask your surgical and anesthesia provider:

  • How much pain is expected?
  • How long will the pain last?
  • What are the options for pain relief after the procedure or surgery?
  • What can I do to help my child prepare for his or her recovery from this procedure?
  • Can I make a Child Life referral to assist with my child’s anxiety and concerns?

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