Cost Estimator

Our online tool offers an easy way to estimate your out-of-pocket cost of care for common exams, procedures, tests, and services, empowering you to make informed financial decisions about your child’s treatment.

Note: Our online Cost Estimator tool currently supports a limited number of health services that are mandated to meet regulatory requirements. Stanford Medicine Children’s Health is working diligently to increase the number of shoppable services included in our tool.

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By using the Cost Estimator tool, you confirm: I understand that this is an estimate based on charges for typical hospital and professional services. Should I elect to have the service(s) performed at Stanford Medicine Children’s Health, I acknowledge that my final bills may vary from this estimate for many reasons, among them: my medical condition, length of hospital admission, unknown circumstances or complications, final diagnosis, recommended treatment ordered by my physician(s), as well as the status of my insurance benefits. I acknowledge that my actual insurance benefits may be different than shown in this estimate and I may contact my insurance company directly for accurate benefit information. Prior to any medical service, I know that I may contact the Financial Counseling Department for a personalized estimate at (650) 736-2273.