Weight Loss Surgery Care Team

The expert members of our Adolescent Weight Loss Surgery Team are leaders in the medical field and are passionate about providing the best care.


Matias Bruzoni

Matias Bruzoni, MD, is the surgical director of the Adolescent Weight Loss Surgery program and he is the program director for the Pediatric Fellowship program. Dr. Bruzoni is board certified in Pediatric and Adult Surgery.

Areas of Expertise: minimally invasive surgery, neonatal surgery, surgical oncology, health outcomes in the Hispanic population 

Janey Pratt

Janey Pratt, MD, is a clinical instructor.

Areas of Expertise: minimally invasive surgery, bariatric surgery

Bariatric Medicine

Elizabeth Shepard

Elizabeth Shepard, MD, serves as medical director of the Pediatric Weight Clinic. She is board certified in Pediatrics, Nutrition and Obesity.

Areas of Expertise: obesity, clinical nutrition, environmental health

Marwa Abu El Haija, MD

Marwa Abu El Haija, MD, is board certified in Pediatrics, Obesity Medicine, and Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition.

Areas of Expertise: diagnosis and management of childhood obesity, diagnosis and management of gastrointestinal medical problems related to obesity, pre and post bariatric surgery nutrition and obesity management

Sophia Yen, MD, is board certified in Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine.

Areas of Expertise: childhood obesity, obesity evaluation and management

Nutritionist / Program Coordinator

Elizabeth Cotter

Elizabeth Cotter, RD, is a registered dietician.

Areas of Expertise: clinical nutrition

Social Worker

Elizabeth Cotter

Sruthi Veeravalli, MSW