Celiac Disease

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Learning that your child has celiac disease can be overwhelming. You are not alone. Celiac disease is the most commonly inherited autoimmune disorder and affects nearly 1 in every 100 persons.

Rest assured, you have an expert team at Stanford Medicine Children’s Health who can help you through this journey. All your care team members are available to provide information about the nutritional, psychosocial, and medical aspects of this disease. This can help you and your child learn how to live and thrive on a gluten-free diet.

Why choose Stanford Medicine Children’s Health

We deliver the highest-quality care for children, adolescents, young adults, and families affected by celiac disease. Our premier care is evidence-based, family-centered, individualized, and interdisciplinary so that your child can achieve wellness and improved quality of life.

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Celiac Disease Care Team

  • Hilary Jericho, MD

    Hilary Jericho, MDMedical Director, Celiac Disease Program

  • Ana Vanessa Wren, PhD

    Ana Vanessa Wren, PhD

  • Alison Kotzen, MSN, RN, C-PNP

    Alison Kotzen, MSN, RN, C-PNP

  • Lisa Henegar, RN

    Lisa Henegar, RN

  • Amelia Kapelke, BSN, RN

    Amelia Kapelke, BSN, RN

  • Farah Mardini, RD

    Farah Mardini, RD

  • Garret Forshee, LCSW

    Garret Forshee, LCSW

  • Esveidy Flores-Avila

    Esveidy Flores-Avila

  • Kristen Wiley

    Kristen Wiley