Medications and Personal Care

Certain everyday items may contain gluten, such as medications, supplements, and personal care products. Before starting a medication or supplement, make sure that all members of your child’s medical care team know that your child has celiac disease, from the dentist to the eye doctor.

Here are some ways to get your child involved:

  • Ask your doctor and pharmacist to see if your medicine contains gluten.
  • Contact the manufacturer to see if your medicine contains gluten.
  • Check out the website

It is important to double-check the ingredient lists on toothpastes, mouthwashes, lip balms, and any other products that come into contact with your lips or mouth to make sure they are gluten free.

Certain play materials for children, such as Play-Doh® or moldable doughs, may also contain gluten. Just be sure your child thoroughly washes their hands and nails after playing with them to avoid eating any gluten. You can find many gluten-free recipes for generic moldable doughs online.

If you ever have questions as to whether the product you are using is gluten free, you can call the manufacturer or research their company website.

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Gluten-Free Supplements and Personal Products with Garret Forshee, LCSW and Erin McDonnell, MS, RDN, CNSC