Grocery Shopping

Food shopping is a great chance for your child to learn by doing and to make label reading a normal part of food selection. Learn the layout of your supermarket. Categorized food items are divided by “outside and inside aisles” to help you navigate a grocery store. This road map is also useful for online grocery shopping. Many supermarkets also help shoppers by putting gluten-free foods in a special section or aisle and flagging them with “gluten-free” shelf labels.

The easiest way to keep your child’s diet gluten free is to buy fresh foods or foods that are not overly processed. Not only are most fresh foods naturally gluten free, but they also are great sources of nutrients that may be lost when foods are processed.

Cross contact

Cross contact with gluten may occur with bulk bins and with the deli section, salad bar, and all self-serve counters. People may have used and misplaced scoops from other bins containing foods that have gluten, leading to cross contact or have prepared foods with the same pans or utensils used for gluten-containing foods. Someone may also transfer serving utensils from one dish to another. These are all sources of gluten contamination.