Who Is Referred to a Perinatal Diagnostic Center?

Our Perinatal Diagnostic Centers (PDCs) provide a wide range of prenatal testing, consultation and genetic counseling services. Some of the reasons a pregnant woman may be referred to a PDC include:

  • Level 2 ultrasound
  • Growth scan to check your baby’s growth
  • Nonstress testing
  • Prenatal testing for chromosomal and neural tube defects
  • Biophysical profile - ultrasound imaging of amniotic fluid volume and fetal movement, breathing and tone
  • Meeting with a genetic counselor to discuss:
    • Prenatal genetic screening and diagnostic testing options
    • Genetic issues associated with advanced maternal age
    • A positive result from the State of California Prenatal Screening Program
    • Family history of physical abnormality or a known chromosomal, metabolic or genetic condition
    • Multiple miscarriages
    • Marriage between relatives (consanguinity)
    • Problems diagnosed by ultrasound
    • Testing for a specific genetic disorder
    • Exposure to teratogens (substances which may cause fetal defects). These include some drugs or medications, infections, alcohol, toxins and chemotherapy.