A Note to Parents

As your child makes the transition to adulthood, he or she will have more freedom and responsibilities. They will be taking on many of the medical responsibilities that you have carried out on his or her behalf. While this change is not always easy for parents, it is a positive event in your child’s life. You both will learn this process together. Here are some recommended steps you can take:

  • Review your child’s MyChart account. On the date of your child’s 18th birthday, you will no longer have access to MyChart. They can give you permission to access if they wish. We recommend helping them learn more about the system before this change.
  • Talk to your child about what they can expect with all of the changes coming up. Preparing for this transition ahead of time will make it easier for everyone.
  • Help your child gather their medical information. It will be helpful for them to have and know medical records, medicine lists, and family health history
  • Teach your child about their health history. Make sure your child knows about his or her health. If your child ended up alone at the hospital, would they be able to explain their medical history or illness to a health care provider? Do they know about Advance Health Care Directives?
  • Help your child practice doing health tasks like scheduling appointments, refilling medicines, and asking questions to your doctor.
  • Support your child through this change by:
    • Allowing them to step into their new authority, but still being available to guide, advice, or support them at their request.
    • Modeling good health habits and responsibility for your own medical care, and providing assistance or answers to their questions whenever needed.

Guide to Turning 18

A guide to help you and your parents understand the changes to your health care.

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