Services at Stanford Medicine Children’s Health

Name of Service

Phone Number

Admitting Department

Gives information about checking in for a stay at the hospital or clinic registration for a visit for a procedure.

(650) 497-8229

Case Management

Helps with planning to leave the hospital, coordination of care, and referrals to resources.

(650) 721-0175

Center for Adolescent Health

Gives private medical services for young adults between ages 12-26.

(650) 497-2701

Financial Services

Helps patients understand their insurance, bills, and payments.

(650) 736-2273

Medical Records

Helps patients who want to request or inspect their medical records.

(650) 497-8079

Office of Patient Experience

Answers questions, listens to concerns, and helps you find information about your care.

(650) 498-4847

Social Services

Helps patients who need extra emotional and support.

(650) 497-8303

Spiritual Care

Helps you with your unique spiritual needs. Chaplains at Stanford Children's honor every faith journey. Ask for the 2PRAY (27729) pager.

(650) 497-8000

Teen Van

Gives care, in the community, to kids and young adults ages 10 to 25.

(650) 736-7172