What We Do Best

Multidisciplinary expertise

Because we are one of the select few aerodigestive and airway reconstruction centers in the country, our experts have a unique set of skills, training and experience that allows us to handle the unique needs of children with airway, swallowing and other aerodigestive problems. Some of the best minds in pediatric otolaryngology-head & neck surgery (ENT)pediatric cardiothoracic and congenital heart surgery, pediatric anesthesiologypediatric pulmonology and gastroenterology are working together to help your child reach the best possible outcome. We equally value the input of our expert therapists who may treat your child inside and outside of the hospital, including respiratory therapy, speech-language pathology, and occupational therapy.

Coordinated communication

This team provides a patient-centered, multidisciplinary approach to diagnosis and treatment. This means that we prioritize communication with the child, with the family and with each other to ensure the best possible care plan. For example, if your child has an appointment at the Center to develop a treatment plan, families will have the opportunity to meet with multiple specialists in the same room, minimizing the number of repeat visits and improving the care plan for your child.  We send a full report to your child’s pediatrician and care team after each visit.

Comprehensive surgical management

In many cases, the best treatment for aerodigestive and airway problems is surgery. When appropriate, our experienced surgeons provide comprehensive surgical management. We use state-of-the-art photo and video documentation techniques to evaluate the airways, esophagus and upper gastrointestinal tract for individualized preoperative planning. When possible, we provide endoscopic services, which are performed through the mouth rather than through cutting the skin. When required, we also perform open interventions, which occur through an incision, often in the neck. All complex surgical plans are reviewed by all members of the surgical team, which allows for the safest possible plan from start to finish.

Safe and effective anesthesia and pain management

Children are built differently than adults, and they need different services to make sure they are comfortable and safe before, during and after surgery. This means that it’s vital for pediatric surgeons to work with specialists who focus on anesthesia and pain management for children. Our anesthesiologists have all undergone extra training to become certified in treating pediatric patients. They have also become national leaders in providing these services by understanding the importance of communication both with families and within our team.

If your child requires surgery, our program evaluates, plans and provides anesthesiology and pain management services and assists in pain control afterward. Our anesthesiologists find ways not to use as many opioids; use state-of-the-art non-pharmaceutical technology, such as augmented and virtual reality, whenever possible. They also work closely with a world-renowned pain management program that combines conventional medicine with a variety of complementary approaches for patients who need long-term help managing their pain.

A world-class institution

We conduct cutting-edge research on diseases affecting the airway in children, and this means that our patients have access to the most state-of-the-art facilities, instruments, and resources. Children and families also have the opportunity to work closely with other programs at Stanford Medicine Children’s Health, as well, such as the Center for Pediatric Voice and Swallowing Disorders, Pediatric Heart Surgery, and Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition

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