Our anesthesiologists provide services from sedation to general anesthesia for infants, children and expectant mothers

Pediatric Anesthesiology Program

Children are built differently than adults, and they need different services to ensure their comfort and safety before, during and after surgery. This means that it’s vital for pediatric surgeons to work with specialists who focus on anesthesia and pain management for children. Our anesthesiologists have all undergone extra training to become certified in treating pediatric patients. They also prioritize communication with families and within our team to reach the best possible outcome and to minimize strain on patients and their families.

Our pediatric anesthesiology program also:

  • Evaluates, plans and provides anesthesiology and pain management services for surgery and assists in pain control afterward
  • Minimizes and avoids opioids whenever possible, and has taken the lead nationwide in developing opiate sparing pain relief
  • Uses state-of-the-art non-pharmaceutical technology, such as augmented and virtual reality, whenever possible
  • Works closely with a world-renowned pain management program that combines conventional medicine with a variety of complementary approaches for patients who need long-term help managing their pain
  • Is dedicated to ensuring anesthesia does not disrupt the healthy development of children
  • Actively engages in research into the physiology of anesthesia in children, and the efficacy of new medications for children
  • Is home to specialty anesthesiology programs, including our cardiac-anesthesiology, neuro-anesthesiology, regional, pain and transplant teams, with specialized expertise not found at many other institutions