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Stanford Blood Center is a blood collection and research facility dedicated to saving patients' lives by providing an array of specialized blood products and services

Stanford Blood Center

Stanford Blood Center (SBC) is much more than just a blood center. As our mission states, we lead the fields of transfusion medicine by advancing science and technology. We provide hope for the future by teaching the medical leaders of tomorrow. We enhance lives by connecting donors to patients every day. At SBC, we are dedicated to providing an array of quality specialized blood products and services and supply one of the largest transfusion facilities in the United States as well as many area hospitals, clinics and laboratories.

To respond to the constant increase in demand for quality blood products, we’ve developed, and continue to expand, new collection programs, such as Apheresis Blood Collection (ABC), and Double Red Blood Cell (DRBC) Collection that are designed to provide the right product for the right patient at the right time. In addition to our volunteer blood donor programs, SBC provides physician-directed Autologous (self-donation) and Directed Donation services.

SBC, as part of Stanford Health Care, is also committed to funding and supporting innovation that helps people live longer and better lives. Since 1978, SBC has been providing tailored blood products and samples, as well as clinical trial services, for its own staff of primary investigators as well as researchers in Stanford University and the biotech community. For example, our Histocompatibility Laboratory has long been on the cutting-edge of developing tests that help determine organ recipient and donor organ compatibility.

At SBC, we honor our role in the community by seeking and forming mutually beneficial partnerships with area businesses and organizations. An important part of what we do is connecting patients to donors, and our blood products and services help us achieve our mission.

We invite you to explore our Stanford Blood Center website and learn more about what makes SBC a valuable asset to our community. Please support our life-giving programs and make an appointment to donate today at


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